"To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men."...Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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An Ironic Country: Did the 99% Help to Create the 1%?

Written by Bryan Michael


The 1% are evil.  The 1% is the reason why the problems of this country exist.  The 1% are greedy and only care about making money.  The 1% have made their money on the suffering of the 99%.  The 1% have more wealth than most of the free world.  The 1% are buying every election.  We have heard it so much over the past years that the wealthiest 1% of this world is responsible for most of the problems of the world.  If only they were treated the same as the 99%, then the world would be so much better and more even.  But is that reasonable?


Political Reality: Wake Up

Written by Bryan Michael

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We are being barraged every day with election coverage, only slightly being interrupted by the occasional celebrity death or gun shooting.  What really has amazed me over the last 3 elections is how the politicians continue to keep us divided but even more shocking is how we the people continue to be selfish and keep ourselves divided.


The Sacrifice of Ending Religious Prejudice

Written by Bryan Michael

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Prejudice - Unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of hostile nature, regarding an ethnic, racial, social or religious group

Human beings were created with free will but with a ton of emotions.  Humans experience joy, pleasure, satisfaction, love, compassion, empathy.  On the other side, humans also experience fear, anger, insecurity, hate, greed, self-importance, shallowness.  With all of these emotions existing, the result of this can be experiences of good but it can also create experiences of hate that eventually turn to prejudice.  Since we have these conflicting emotions, do we believe that we have what it takes to make the sacrifice to rid ourselves of prejudice?


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  This blog site was created to allow for people to read the comments, links and blogs with an open mind and comment freely and openly showing respect for those who were brave enough to express their opinions. Let us not forget the words of Abraham Lincoln in 'The Gettysburg Address,' November 19, 1863 when Lincoln stated, "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Let us remember that WE are those people.


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